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Flee for your lives, it's the Dread Pirate Julia!
Julia's Logbook -Venting 
10th-Nov-2005 07:45 am
And I mean it
Motherfucker, motherfucker! Which is it, WHICH? WHICH?

Annys? Could you not WAIT to stab him, you had to do it as we were saving his life? You had one opening -- if you had a blade to do it with. Just one opening, but that's all a man like you ever needs. No, wait. You may be a blade in the dark, but it can't be you, because Nicholas is still breathing. If it had been you, that near-death would have been death. So I don't like you for this, although someone will surely accuse you when they add it up like I am. Fuck you anyway, Cheerful Charlie, and your little scythe, too. I understand what you mean there and I want to throttle you and make you explain, but NO, NO ONE IN THIS FAMILY EVER NAMES NAMES OR GIVES SPECIFICS. Not even me. I suppose I'm making people crazy in turn.

But there are other possibilities. Hala? Oh, no, no, please, no....but I can't say that confidently. Someone's messed with her mind, and there she was.

Dworkin? I won't say Stefan, that's ridiculous, but it's clear he's not driving the truck where that old man is concerned. He had perhaps the best opportunity, the best way to make it look 'right'. Dworkin makes some sense. Stefan won't want to hear it. When he tried to order everyone away, I nearly interrupted right there. Still...he's still alive. It would be so easy for Dworkin to have killed him...but unlike Annys, that kind of death-blow doesn't have to be really a death-blow. It just needs to shut him up.

Quin...no. Makes no sense at all, unless it's a mental compulsion. About on a par with Hala. More likely, because we won't LOOK at Quin as we will Hala.

So that brings us to the possibility that I may see clearly, that might be right and best. Sometime between Quin picking up Nicholas and Stefan shouting, he was stabbed. We all handled him - oh, God, I may be framed myself, MUST watch for it - but there was someone else there. We passed him through Trump, after all.

Hel-lo, Perival. Enjoying your little dance? Hahaha, how droll. Why not trap us there? I'm sure you could have for a few hellish seconds. Or was it only that our combined power is more than you can do no more than lurk and send in flunkies borrowed from Chaos when we come to kick over your sandcastle?

Weighting the options, the best odds are: Dworkin, Perival, Hala, Annys, Quin. I suppose I rate somewhere between Hala and Annys -- more, since Stefan's likely to see darkness in my going near Nicholas. If you only knew, Stef. If you only knew.

He's not waking because he's tied to something, something is in the way. Is it his sword? His diary? Something else? It's in Amber, but that's a needle in the haystack. I can't tell if I'm being tested, led down a primrose path, or given the necessary clues to handle the answer that others can't.

Elisa is next. Unicorn cornhole Noah for shouting that we were coming for her too in the midst of the attack. Thank you! Give away our position a LITTLE MORE! Another idiot, snugglebunnying Cianna. She's your mother? Oh, delightful. Precious. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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